Create your own NFT Marketplace

We are introducing NFT Marketplaceā€“ a crypto trading app that represents an intangible digital asset, built with crisp features and functionalities and the owners of the NFTs are recorded using Blockchainā€“ the most secure database.



This is a Full NFT Marketplace built with smart contracts (Solidity, Web3, IPFS and React js) powered by Ethereum, it can be deployed on any chain like Polygon, Binance Smart Chain. It is full NFT platform with High quality front-end and Clean code in the Backend, where each user can mint his own NFT and expose it on a marketplace which work like Opensea or Rarible.

The NFT Marketplace provides users with a digital wallet, where they will be able to buy, sell and deposit crypto-currencies like Ethereum for NFT. While offering complete security, on the NFT Marketplace, one can create collections of crypto-currencies, and Blockchain registers all collections using ERC721 contracts and assigning them their own symbol and contract address. After being minted in their own Ethereum network, each collection gets its own token ID. Ownership of the item can only be claimed through a direct purchase or auction on the NFT marketplace. Users can track their activities and transactions, and can also view the list of items, sorted by collections, categories and prices. Users can view and manage their profile and the items they have collected, the items they have created and browse their favorite items, as well as view recommendations on new offers and also the activity of the list of items in their profile.
The information of the current owner of the object is stored in the Ethereum wallet. Users have the ability to specify their commission value for selected collections, and if an item is purchased as part of a collection, the first owner of the collection will automatically receive the royalty.


  • Operating system : Linux
  • Docker
  • Web3 cli
  • Nodejs : 12.x +
  • MongoDB : 4.x +
  • Angular : 11.x +
  • SSH root access for installation purpose


Users can view the list of items by categories, collections and prices. Users can search for items by name and description from the marketplace page. In the marketplace, we have the ability to filter the items.
Profile The user can manage their own profile to see the collected items, created items, favorite items in the profile. They can also see new offers and activity for the items in their profile.

NFT is a cryptographic asset representing an intangible digital item such as an image , video or game item…. NFT owners are registered in the blockchain. This allows an NFT to be traded as a proxy for the digital asset it represents.
Users can create a collection and the created collection will be registered in the blockchain using ERC721 contracts. Each collection is unique; it has its own symbol and contract address.

Users can create items under the collection and the created items will be stored in the blockchain using ERC721 contracts. Each item has its own token Id once it has been minted on the ethereum network.

Users can set their commission value for their collections. For items purchased as part of a collection, the corresponding fee amount will automatically be transferred to the owner of the item in question.

The platform allows users to connect to their own metamask wallet which can be used to send and deposit ethereum for NFT. Gas fees will be taken from the user’s wallet and royalties will be automatically deposited to the corresponding user’s wallet.

Users can see the transfer history by item. collection and users. The activity has the hash of the transaction. The user can check it in the blockchain explorer.

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