A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that allows users to buy and or sell tokens. It’s like a stock exchange for cryptocurrencies. And how can you create a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch? 

Centralized exchanges (CEX). The most common type of trading platforms, the main feature of which is the presence of a centralized operator responsible for the security, updates and functionality of the exchange. 

Decentralized exchanges (DEX). These platforms bring sellers and buyers of cryptocurrency together, giving them the ability to automatically exchange assets without the participation of intermediaries to validate the transaction. 

A cryptocurrency exchange should be launched only through custom development, since only in this way can you ensure the proper quality and security of the software. 

Scripts or ready-made solutions (scripts), can be risky as they are normally created by amateurs and can carry risks and security holes in the code, created on purpose or through oversight. 

After you choose a developer company, the process of creating a cryptocurrency trading platform will be as follows:

  1. Signing a contract. You and the developer company discuss the general concept of the cryptocurrency exchange, on the basis of which the technical description of the project is created. 
  2. Platform prototyping. At the next stage, the designer, business analyst and / or the customer create a framework for the design of the cryptocurrency exchange, which is then discussed and brought to an ideal state.
  3. Creation of interface design. Designers develop a layout and / or prototype of the platform interface, which show how it will look for traders and admins.
  4. Direct encoding. After creating the design, it and the technical description are given to the programmers who implement all this in the code. 
  5. Product testing. Almost immediately after the start of coding, QA engineers get down to business, who check the fresh code for errors, and so on until the software is written. 
  6. Deployment and support. After the cryptocurrency exchange software is ready to launch, a marketing campaign is launched to attract traders. The platform is added to business listings and social networks.